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-Model No.: KFT-22M

-Display: LCD, 3.5digits, 34mm×21mm

-Backlight Display: 3 colors;

                                  ≤37.4℃ display green;

                                  37.5~37.9℃ display orange;

                                  ≥38.0℃ display red;

-Temperature measurement: infrared scan

-Measurement mode: ear temperature, forehead temperature,

                                     objects temperature, environment temperature.

-1 seconds fast response

-Fever Alarm


        ear temperature, forehead temperature

            (35~42) ±0.2; (95~107.6) ±0.4;

            (32~34.9) ±0.3; (89.6~94.8) ±0.5;

            (42.1~42.9) ±0.3; (107.8~109.2) ±0.5;

        objects temperature, environment temperature

            (0~100) ±1.0; (32~212) ±1.8;

-Resolution: 0.1 (0.1)

-Measurement scope:

        ear temperature, forehead temperature: 32~42.9/89.6~109.2

            Temperature<32 (89.6) display Lo (Lo)

            Temperature>42.9× (109.22) display Hi (Hi)

        objects temperature, environment temperature: 0~100/32~212

-Waterproof level: IP22

-Memory records: 10 sets

-Low voltage Indication

-Auto stand-by: not in use for 25 seconds will auto skip to time display.

-Validity: 5 years (Batteries are not included and the product can be used after calibration by a qualified body)

-Power source and voltage: DC 3V (2pcs 1.5V AAA battery of no. 7)

-Battery life: about 800 times (continuous measurement under 25 room temperature)

-Dimension: 145mm×37mm×35mm

-Unit weight: Approx. 53g (Not including battery)

-Work environment:

        Temperature 15~35; Humidity: 15%RH~85%RH

        Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106KPa

-Transport/Storage condition:

        Temperature -25~55; Humidity: 10%RH~90%RH

        Atmospheric pressure: 70KPa~106KPa

Model No.: KFT-22M 
Color: blue and pink
Power source and voltage: DC 3V (2pcs 1.5V AAA battery of no. 7)
Battery life: about 800 times
Measurement scope:
- ear temperature, forehead temperature
-- 35℃~42.9℃ (89.6℉~109.2℉);
- objects temperature, environment temperature
-- 0℃~100℃ (32℉~212℉);
Unit weight: Approx. 53g (Not including battery)
Dimension: 145mm×37mm×35mm

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